Terms & Conditions for tozandelman.co.nz



  • tozandelman.co.nz is referred to as tozandelman, We, Us, Our
  • The Client is referred to as The Client, You, Your

Our responsibilities

tozandelman.co.nz commits to:

  • Build and host a website that performs the functions and has the look and feel as detailed in the original scope document
  • Provide client services in a timely, professional and respectful manner
  • Provide a quote before engaging in any additional work that is outside of the original scope document
  • Open and honest communication at all times

Your responsibilities

You commit to:

  • Providing all information requested in the format requested, to avoid delays and ensure compatibility with the website build
  • Ensuring that any employee or agent of you and/or your company who communicates with us in relation to your website or associated products is sufficiently authorised to do so
  • Ensuring that any content provided by you or loaded by you onto your website does not infringe any copyright laws
  • Paying any fees due, on time and in the prescribed manner (see Fees below)

Your website

1      Your website will be built with the functionality as agreed in the original scope document

2      Your website will be designed with the look and feel as agreed in the original scope document

3      Once the website build is approved, any changes in functionality can be made, however these will incur additional charges as quoted

4      Once the website build is approved, changes in the look and feel can be made, however these will incur additional charges as quoted

5      We will provide you with up to 3 drafts for the look and feel of the website. Any additional drafts will incur a fee as quoted

6      You are welcome to present a mock-up of any design ideas you have, however we cannot always guarantee to replicate these exactly online, so we will ensure that we present a draft, for your approval, as close to what you have requested as possible

7      If your website has content management capability, then you will be able to load content yourself. If your website does not have this capability, or you would rather not load the content yourself, then you may provide us with the content to load for you. Content loading will incur a fee (see Fees)

8      A discreet ‘website designed by tozandelman.co.nz’ or something very similar will be placed in the footer of the website. Your website may also feature in our portfolio of work which we put on display to the public

9      Your website will function correctly within Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla, Chrome and Safari

10   Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 are not supported

11   The appearance of your website may differ slightly from browser to browser, due to the way the browsers render content

12   tozandelman.co.nz takes no responsibility for any copyright infringement relating to content on your website. If instructed to do so by a governing body, we will remove any offending material, in order to comply with the law

13   If you incorporate any third party products or functionality into your website we take no responsibility for any subsequent issues that arise as a result of this and furthermore are not responsible for maintaining, servicing, working with this third party product or functionality in any way

14   All website content will be provided by you

15   Communication between the client and tozandelman.co.nz will be via email, teleconference, and video conference and not in person. This helps keep costs down and allows us to provide a quality service at a competitive rate

16   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a separate field of work to building a website. If you want to be found easily online via search engines, specifically Google, then it is very important that your website is optimised for this. Every website built by tozandelman.co.nz can be optimised for an additional fee (See Fees)

17   We give no guarantee that you website will appear on the first page of search engine results, although if SEO is purchased (see 16 above) we try very hard to achieve this

18   Once a website is optimised there is no guarantee that the search engine ranking that it achieved initially will be maintained for the life of the website, so additional SEO work may be required. Upon request this can be conducted for a fee as quoted

19   All websites built by us must be hosted on our servers to ensure compatibility with the server and maximum up-time. There is a monthly hosting fee, which will be detailed in the original scope document

20   Should you wish to receive a copy of the website files, these can be provided upon request

21   We give no guarantee that your  website will function correctly on any server other than our own

22   We are not responsible for installing the website on a server other than our own

23   You will receive up to 30 minutes of support for free each month and will be charged for anything in addition to this (see Fees)

24   Support is provided via support tickets, email, telephone, video conference and any other remote technologies that may be useful for providing such support.

25   Support hours in (23) above do not roll over each month

26   If you have a content managed website then you are responsible for ensuring the password used to access the website is secure enough and cannot be easily guessed. Never write the password down. We recommend you change the password every 30 days

27   A fair use policy is in place for disk space and bandwidth usage

28   If your disk space or bandwidth usage exceeds what we deem to be fair use, then we will discuss this with you and you may incur additional charges

29   Requests for cancellation of service (hosting / domain name / email) must be made in writing

30   We commit to provide support to you between the hours of 9 – 5, Monday to Friday


31   Email services are provided by Google Apps. By accepting our terms you are also accepting theirs. You can see their terms of service here: http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/terms/standard_terms.html

32   You can check your email from anywhere in the world and also from your smart phone

33   You get 25GB of disk space for each email account

34   You agree not to send unsolicited emails (spam)

35   tozandelman.co.nz cannot be held responsible for any email not being delivered, and is not responsible for any resulting business loss

Domain Name

36   Included with the website purchase is one year’s domain name fee (see Fees). This is only available to new domain name registrations that are attached to the website being purchased


37   The price to build your website will be included in the scope document

38   Website hosting will be charged at the price quoted in the scope document, and is payable monthly in advance or annually in advance

39   Payments for hosting must be made with a credit card

40   Website hosting payments fall due on the 1st of each month and start on the 1st of the month immediately following the go-live date

41   Domain name initial registration and annual fee is $29.95 (.nz) & $24.95 (.com)

42   Email establishment fee is $100, which covers the cost of setting up your email service and accounts on the remote servers

43   Configuring your email client onsite is chargeable at $100 per hour, with a minimum charge of 1 hour and then charged incrementally at $50 every half hour thereafter. If you have any smart phone devices that you would also like configured, this can also be done and is chargeable at the same rate

44   Each email user will attract a charge of $10 per month

45   Support (where chargeable) is charged at $100 per hour

46   Content Loading is charged at $100 per hour

47   SEO is charged at $500 for up to 5 pages and $80 per page thereafter

Payment Terms

48   All prices quoted exclude GST

49   Before we get underway with your project, a 40% deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable & calculated as 40% of the total cost as quoted on the original scope document

50   The remaining 60% is invoiced when the site goes live

51   All invoices are due 7 days from invoice date unless otherwise specified

52   Should we need to pass on any debt owing from you to us, you are liable for any fees incurred in lodging your debt with a debt collection agency as well as any associated recovery costs charged by the agency