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We are an NZ web design company for small to medium business in NZ and we have been supporting NZ business online proudly since 2004.

Web design – Keep it simple

With so many web design companies out there, offering such a mix of service at such varying prices, it can be hard to know where to start. At tozandelman.co.nz we keep it simple – we have 3 website products to choose from and if your requirements do not fit into these, then we will customise the solution to fit your exact needs – simple as !

With our easy 3 step web design process you will be in control of the design right from the start and you will know exactly how far along the process you are at any point. You will not be blinded by “tech-speak” and you will not be bamboozled by jargon – we speak your language.

Company history

As with any good business, this one had humble beginnings, with one bloke and a laptop back in 2004.

He soon realised that there was a real need for jargon free, plain English, no hassle web design for individuals, and small business. He also noticed that he had a flair for meeting clients and talking in a language that they could understand, and that it need not be stale and boring but could actually be a fun process!

Since the early days the core business has not changed much, as we still offer great value for money web design, excellent customer service and support and above all, jargon free web design using a highly cost effective and efficient 3 step web design process which ensures that you get the best product, in the fastest time, with the least hassle.

The website you are looking at right now is the third incarnation of tozandelman.co.nz – below is a short journey of what our web design business used to look like!

2004 – 2008

The logo was really nothing too fancy as we always believed that the web site work would speak for itself, without the need for any fancy gimmicks or flash logos. This ethos is still with us today, if you take a look at our logo we use now, it’s really not that fancy!

If you’re wondering what the significance of the rocks is in the screenshot above, well these rocks were photographed from the garden of one of our first web site clients, and used on their website. We thought they looked pretty cool, so used them in our logo and business cards!

2008 – 2013

Screen resolutions were getting better and so the first website was starting to look a little old and too small for the better monitors that were being used, so it was time to re-design our website and come up with something fresh!

The red and black contrast was used for the first time in the title here, along with the tagline “websites, hosting, email”. Again, wanting to keep things simple, we thought this was a pretty straight forward message.

The cave image underneath was perhaps, in hindsight, a little obscure! It was supposed to be a metaphor for online exploration and discovery – anyway, we thought it looked cool!

2013 and beyond !…

….and here we are today! We have the similar web design logo to the last version, a different tagline and a much larger and easier to read overall appearance.

Once again, web design has changed a lot over the years and screen resolutions have once again increased, so we have taken this all into account. In addition there are mobile devices to consider now, so all our web sites have to be responsive and work well on these devices, so the user has a seamless experience.

Website Design Made EASY

Our web site design process gets you online quicker !

We have been helping NZ small business get online since 2004 and understand that you need a website that just works, on time, on budget and online, without the jargon.

We have 3 awesome web site packages.

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